Wazir Jahan Karim obtained her PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences in economic anthropology. She is Distinguished Fellow and Founder of the Academy of Socio-Economic Research and Analysis [ASERA] and is currently a Life Member of Clare Hall, U. of Cambridge. ASERA is a global think-thank and research collective focusing on economic justice.

She is a co- founder of Gender Studies in Malaysia (KANITA, USM: 1978-2001) and Founding Director of the Women's Development Research Centre at Universiti Sains Malaysia ( KANITA,USM: 2001-2004). She is also Founder and the Founding President of the Southeast Asian Association for Gender Studies (SAMA), 1992-1996), now based in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

She has authored and edited several books on minorities in Islam and women including Ma' Betise' Concepts of Living Things , Athlone Press:London:1981;Berg,Oxford:2004; Emotions of Culture: A Malay Perspective, Oxford University Press; Singapore 1990; Women and Culture: Between Malay Adat and Islam, Westview Press: Boulder 1992; 'Male and 'Female' in Developing Southeast Asia, Berg Publishers: Oxford:1995 and Gendered Fields: Women, Men , Ethnography with D.Bell and P.Caplan, Routledge: London 1994. She co-authored and co-edited Cultural Minorities of Peninsular Malaysia: Survivals of Indigenous Heritage, AKASS and Toyota Foundation: Penang, 2002, with Mohd Razha Rashid and Straits Muslims: Diasporas of the Northern Passage of the Straits of Malacca, Straits G.T: George Town 2009. Her latest book is Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage, Malaysian Publishing House (MPH): Kuala Lumpur, 2013. Her contributions to chapters in books and referred articles in journals number more than sixty.


She has received several awards, fellowships and citations for outstanding scholarship and academic excellence, including the prestigious Raymond Firth Prize (1977) from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, the Rotary Golden Medal for Most Outstanding Scholar in the Social Sciences in 1999, the Anugerah Sanjung for Best International Scholar, USM in 2004; Outstanding Woman Academician, Penang State (2005). She is frequently cited in Malaysia's Whose Who on Women Leaders. She has been a Ford Foundation Fellow (1974-1975); Commonwealth Fellow (1975-1977); Fulbright Fellow (1984) British Academy Professorial Fellow and Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, LSE (1990); Visiting Professor at the Institute of Anthropology, University of Oslo (1991); Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Languages of Asia and Africa Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (1995-1996); Visiting Professor at Sophia University, Tokyo (1996); Visiting Professor at the United Nation University, UNU (2003); Visiting Professor at the Department of Malay Studies and Centre for Women Studies, University of Victoria, Wellington (1998); Visiting Professor at the University of Kent at Canterbury in 2002. In 2003, she held the Andrew's Chair in Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

She was appointed Distinguished Fellow of The Social Institute, Malaysia in 2005 and was a member of the National Women's Advisory Council, Malaysia, (2006-2010). In 2006, she was appointed Life fellow of Clare Hall, U. of Cambridge. She was Advisor for Muslim Affairs in Penang Heritage Trust from 2005-2013. She currently sits on the International Advisory Board of 'Globalizations' and 'Rethinking Globalization' (Routledge: London, 2009- ). In 2008 she was awarded the Maal Hijrah Award by the Malay Association of Penang (Pemenang) for 'Outstanding Educationist'. She is currently Trustee of the Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA), Malaysian Branch, the oldest global woman's organisation, committed to the economic and social development of women and children (1914).


2002-2004 : Co-led Campaign, with Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), Academy of Socio-economic Research and Analysis (ASERA) and Badan Warisan Lebuh Acheh to save the Kedah-Sumatran heritage enclave of Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh from being developed into a modern four storey apartment block in the Masjid Compound.
2004-2009 : Led Campaign to save and restore Rumah Teh Bunga, No 138, Jalan Hutton. Assisted by the Penang State Museum Board and the Academy of Socio-economic Research and Analysis (ASERA).
2005-06 : Promotion of Nusantara Textiles and Indigenous Enterprises, "Penang Civil Society Project 1& 2": Assisted by the Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Association (PPSEAWA) and the Academy of Socio-economic Research and Analysis (ASERA).
2008-2009 : Completed Work on the Dossier, "The Rehabilitation and Remapping of Tanjong Tokong". Presented to and adopted by the State Government on 26th February, 2010. The Penang State Government declared Tanjong Tokong a heritage village area in 2011 but the village has yet to be gazetted under the State Heritage Act 2011. Assisted by the Academy of Socio-economic Research and Analysis (ASERA) and Penang Heritage Trust (PHT).See
2010 : Report on "Penang Civil Society: Civil Governance, Social Change and Reform". See Assisted by the Public Affairs Division of the United States Embassy, K Lumpur.
April 2011-2012 : Promotion of Straits Muslims and Jawi Peranakan Culinary History and Heritage. Assisted by Think City Sdn. Bhd. Published by MPH 2013.
December 2012- February 2013) : Cultural Mapping of Muslim Heritage in George Town: Assisted by George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI).
January 2010-currently : Led campaign to conserve The Heritage of the Jawi Peranakans of Malaysia. Founded the Jawi Peranakan Heritage Society, Penang.



: Malaysian


: Islam

Current Status

: Independent Scholar; Director, Distinguished Fellow ASERA, Executive Director INAS, Life Fellow/Member, Cambridge



Educational Status

1954 - 69 : Primary and Secondary School Convent Bukit Nanas , K Lumpur
1969 - 72 : B Soc Sc (U of Singapore/NUS)
1972 - 74 : M Phil ( Econs) London School of Economics & Pol. Sciences ((LSE) , U of London
1974 - 77 : PhD (Anthropology) London School of Economics & Pol. Sciences (LSE) U of London

Fellowships and Awards

1972 : Ford Foundation SEAsian Fellowship for Doctoral Research in Econonic Anthropology
1974 : Commonwealth Scholarship for Doctoral Research in Economic Anthropology
1977 : Raymond Firth Award for Best Doctoral Research and Thesis (LSE: Anthropology)
1981 : Lee Foundation, Travel Fellowship Grant.
&1984 - 85 : Fulbright Fellow, (Chicago and Harvard (Radcliffe)
1988 : Canadian Asean Fund Travel Fellowship
1990 : British Council Travel Fellowship
1990 : British Academy Fellowship (LSE)
1991 : Visiting Professorship, Institute of Anthropology, U. of Oslo
1995 : Visiting Professorship, ISLCAA) Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
1996 : Visiting Professorship (CASA), University of Amsterdam
2000 : Visiting Professorship, University of Victoria, Wellington
2001 : Rotary Gold Medal for Outstanding Contributions to the Social Sciences
2001 : Visiting Professorship (CICHE) University of Kent at Canterbury
2001 : Visiting Professorship, Ethnographic Museum University of Oslo
2003 : Chair, Andrews Chair (Asian Studies) Univ. of Hawaii
2004 : Sanggar Sanjung Award, USM for Most Outstanding International Scholar
2005 : Award for Best Academic, Penang State , Women and Family Dev. Council
2005 : Distinguished Fellow, Social Institute of Malaysia (ISM)
2006 : Fellow (Prof) Clare Hall, U. of Cambridge
2007 : Life Member, Clare Hall, U. of Cambridge
2007 : Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Europe Institute (AEI) University of Malaya

Public /Academic Service Record

1974 : Tutor, Faculty of Economics, University of Malaya
1975 - 78 : Lecturer, University of Malaya
1978 - 2004 : Lecturer, Assoc Prof and Professor in Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  Retired 2004
1978 - 2004 : Senator, USM
1978 - 79 : Chairperson, Anthropology/Sociology (USM)
1978 - 91 : Convenor, Women and Children's Research Group (KANITA), USM
1980 : Member of the Mal. Br. Of the Royal Asiatic Soc.
1985 - 87 : Member, Promotions Committee, Category A, USM
&1988 - 90 : President, Women's Association, USM
1991 - 2001 : Convenor, Women and Human Resource Studies Unit (KANITA), USM
1991 - 2001 : Intensification of Research Priority Areas (IRPA) Soc. Sc. Research Panel , Member
2001 - 04 : Director-General, Academy of Social Sciences (AKASS)
1993 - 96 : Founding President, SE Asian Association for Gender Studies (SAMA)
1996 : International Editorial Board, Anthropological Forum (Univ. of West. Australia)
1996 : International Editorial Board, Br. Medical Anthropological. Review, Univ. of London
1999 - 2004 : Advisor, Universiti Putra Malaysia (Faculty of Human Ecology)
1999 - 2004 : Academic Assessor (Promotions) UKM
1999 - 2004 : Chairperson, Research & Resource Committee, Women & Fam Council. Penang
2000 - 02 : Council Member, Penang Heritage Trust (PHT)
2000 - 04 : Chairperson, Soc. Sc. Research Committee
2001 - 04 : Director, Women's Development Research Centre (KANITA), USM
2001 - 06 : President, Pan Pacific SEAsian Women's Assoc. Penang Chap.
2000 - 05 : Penang Museum Board Member
2002 - 04 : Key Consultant, Min of Women, Family and Community, Malaysia
2003 - 09 : TODA Institute of Peace and Policy, Council Member, Honolulu
2004 : Advisor on Muslim Heritage, Penang Heritage Trust (PHT)
2004 : Executive Director, Academy of Socio-Economic Research (ASERA)
2004 : Member, Panel of Experts, UNESCO Committee for the Social Sciences
2005 : Member, State Advisory Council for Women, Malaysia (Education Res.)
2005 - 09 : Member, National Advisory Council for Women
2007 - 09 : Member Editorial Board, Globalisations and Rethinking Globalisation
  (Taylor and Francis: Routledge)
2009 : Member of Administrative Committee for the Establishment of the Jawi Peranakan
  Museum and Institute of Ethnology, Penang Malay Society (Pemenang)
2010 : Volunteer for Social Advocacy on Tanjong Tokong ; writer of the Dossier on Tanjong Tokong
2011 : Assessor for Projects on Think City Sdn Bhd.,A subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional
2011 : Executive Director of Intersocietal and Scientific (INAS) an affiliate of ASERA;
committed to applied research on conservation and heritage
2015 : Life Trustee of the Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA),
Malaysian Branch
2015 : Awarded from Penang State Government,
Darjah Yang Mulia Pangkuan Negeri (DMPN)



1981 : Ma' Betise' Concepts of Living Things. Athlone Press: London.republished Berg: Oxford ,2004.
1990 : ed. Emotions of Culture: A Malay Perspective. Oxford Univ. Press: Sing.
1992 : Women and Culture: Between Malay Adat and Islam. Westview Press: Boulder
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2002 : eds. Cultural Minorities of Peninsular Malaysia: Survivals of Indigenous Heritage with M Razha Rashid.Academy of Soc. Sciences and The Toyota Foundation.
2009 : ed. Straits Muslims : Diasporas of the Northern Passage of the Straits of Malacca. Ed.Straits G.T.: George Town.
2013 : Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage. Malaysian Publishing House (MPH): Kuala Lumpur.
2017 : Boria: From Passion Play to Malay- Jawi Peranakan Parody. Pelanduk Publications: Kuala Lumpur (published by Sept. 2017).
2018 : Feminism Undaunted: Memoirs of a Muslim Feminist. . World Scientific Publications: Singapore (publishing, April 2018).
2018 : The Global Nexus: Its Political Economies, Interconnectivity and the Social Sciences. . World Scientific Publications: Singapore (publishing, April 2018).

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Research Grants Received 1

1979 - 81 : UNICEF, "Women, Children and Family Development in Underserved Areas in
  Kedah Malaysia" / KANITA
1979 - 81 : IDRC "Child-Rearing Practices in Malaysia"
1981 - 83 : Prime Minister's Dept. Malaysia/NACIWID "
  Women ,Culture and Family Development in Underserved Areas in Malaysia
1983 - 86 : Ford Foundation "Belief Systems of the Ma'Betise, of Carey Island"
1989 : UNESCO, "Cultural Transformation and Ethnicity in Malaysia"
1989 - 91 : Ford Foundation "Women Living Under Syariah Law in Malaysia"
1992 : UNESCO, "Environment, Culture and Indigenous Minorities in SEAsia"
1992 : ASEAN Women Entrepreneurial Fund, Govt. Of Canada, "Gender and HRD"
1994-96 : Toyota Foundation, "Indigenous Minorities of Peninsular Malaysia" Study of Cultural Conservation of the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia
1996-98 : Royal Government of the Netherlands,
  "Cultural Conservation of Indigenous Minorities of Peninsular Malaysia"
2002 - 04 : IRPA, Min. of Science, Technology & Environment
  "Wetlands, Mangrove Rainforests and Innovations in Social Science Methodologies"
2002 - 04 : IRPA, Min. of Science, Technology & Environment "Social Safety Net and Gender"
2002 - 03 : Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, "A National Study of Family
  Transformations in the Context of Changing Trends in Women's Work and Lifestyle in
2002 - 03 : Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, "A National Study on
  Information and Communication Technologies and Gender
2003 - 04 : IRPA, Min. of Science, Technology & Environment 'Globalisation, Work and Gender"
2006 - 08 : Toyota Foundation 'Asia-Pacific Network on the Empowerment of Women Migrant
2011 : Thinkcity (Khazanah Nasional), Culinary Heritage of the Malays and Straits Muslims of Northern Malaysia
2011 : Thinkcity (Khazanah), Culinary Heritage of the Malays and Jawi Peranakan: Feasts of Penang
2012 : Muslim Heritage Trail Illustrative Mao of George Town. George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI)
2012 : Muslim Heritage of George Town. AlBukhary Foundation.
2014 : The Boria. George Town Festival (GTF).
2017 : Yayasan Hasanah, Khazanah. Boria: From Passion Play to Malay Parody.
2017 : Penang State Government. Jawi Peranakan Narratives, History & Heritage.
Excluding Grants for Travel, Book publications National Seminars and Conferences. Also excluded are unpublished papers presented at national and international conferences, reports and newsletters.

National and Global Achievements

  1. First woman anthropologist to live with the Orang Asli, Ma' Betisek/Mah Meri (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia 1972-74
  2. First Malaysian to win the Raymond Firth Award at the London School of Economics for best anthropological research thesis. 1977
  3. Pioneer of Gender Studies in Malaysia. 1978-2001
  4. Founder and Founding President of the Southeast Asian Association for Women (SAMA) 1995.
  5. Founder of the first Woman's Development Research Centre in a Malaysian University ( KANITA,USM). 2001-2004)
  6. Co-Founder of the Academy of Socio-economic Research and Analysis (ASERA), first academic NGO devoted to economic justice.1996
  7. First Woman to be appointed to the Andrew's Chair in the University of Hawaii, Manoa. 2003
  8. First Malaysian to win a Competitive Fellowship to Clare Hall, Cambridge, now First Malaysian Life Member 2006
  9. Highest number of international visiting Professorships obtained competitively by a social scientist in a public university in Malaysia until 2005
  10. First Adviser for Muslim Affairs, Penang Heritage Trust ( PHT) 2008-currently
  11. Co-Founder of the Jawi Peranakan/Malay Museum; Proposal written in 2005, Museum founded in 2008
  12. Founder of the Jawi Peranakan Heritage Society, Penang. (JAWI) 2011

Areas of Specialisation

  1. Cultural Minorities Cultural Transformation and Heritage (Orang Asli; Malays)
  2. Women, Gender and Development (Malaysia and Global)
  3. Practical Islam, Civil Society and Welfare (People) Economics
  4. Migration, Globalisation and Development