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STRAITS G.T of Intersocietal and Scientific Sdn. Bhd (INAS) coordinates a global network of writers in the fields of Humanities, Social, Economic, Environmental and Health Sciences. INAS was established on 29 November 1995 in George Town, Penang and was formerly registered as Noble Amity Sdn. Bhd. It was previously instituted as an educational network for conservationists and anthropologists, concerned for the study of cultures and societies of island Southeast Asia. Straits G.T manages and

The Five Series of Straits G.T.

As an international publishing house, Straits GT. has expanded into five fields of interest;

Straits Heritage Series

This series produces works on social, cultural, economic and political history in the Malay Archipelago, contemporary cultures and societies of Asia and Europe, endangered and vanishing trades , artworks and life histories of people who have and continue to shape the world views of communities in Asia and the Pacific.

Globalisation, Environment and Development Series

It focuses on works on poverty, sustainable development, foreign aid, community initiatives in development and gendered initiatives in social and economic development. These issues are discussed through theories of economic development and globalisation and use multi-disciplinary approaches in the understanding of poverty and development. It also brings out the latest findings on labour movements across Asia, Europe and the American continent and gives emphasis to the growing diasporas of people , gains and losses in social and human capital, the management of policies of capacity-building in developed and the poorest regions and the impact of economic globalisation on employment and work cultures.

Gender and Policy Series

It draws upon fresh insights in research on the relationship between faith, sexuality and gender, gendered social movements, empowerment and women's leadership in politics and civil society, the socio-psychological and psycho-analytical dimensions of male-female relationships; parenting and counseling, reproductive health , safe livelihoods and sexual trauma.

Transasian Islam Series

This series provides new thinking on the fluidity and mobility of Islam as a geo-political ideology, its multi-cultural trends towards urbanism and cosmopolitanism and the dialectics between formalistic and popular interpretations of faith. The studies also relate the rise of Islamic consciousness to the search for practical parameters of social and ethical behaviour vis-a-vis the growing elitism and corporatism of religion in daily life.

People and Culture Series

This series gives priority to young talented writers pursuing their passion for writing. Novels, short-stories, children's stories, travel and original works on objet d'art, culinary arts and sciences, law and human rights are considered.

Editorial Hubs

George Town. Kuala Lumpur. Istanbul.

Advisory and Editorial Board

Executive Director Prof Dato' Dr Wazir Jahan Karim
(B. Soc Sc. Sing. Univ [NUS] M Phil PhD Ec. Anthros LSE/London Life Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge)
Abdul Raqib Karim bin Mohd.Razha ( BA English Language and Literature, UIA)
Prof Dr Nurlifer Narli ( Head of Department of Sociology, Bacesihir University, Istanbul)